Exciting Job Opportunity at GRG-Gulu

GRG is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to join a grassroots non-governmental organization that specializes in trauma recovery, sustainable livelihoods, reconciliation, and reintegration of former child soldiers, refugees from South Sudan, and war-affected communities in northern Uganda. We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified program officer with at least three years ofContinue reading “Exciting Job Opportunity at GRG-Gulu”

Our op-ed in ABC News: Combating Child Soldiering

ABC News published an op-ed by three of our board members, Michael “Mick” Mulroy, Eric Oehlerich, and Sasha Lezhnev. Excerpts are below – read the full piece here. Analysis: How the US can combat the soldiering of children By MICK MULROY and ERIC OEHLERICH, ABC News, and SASHA LEZHNEV (NEW YORK) — Stopping the use of childContinue reading “Our op-ed in ABC News: Combating Child Soldiering”

Meet Simon, a Peer Counselor: Building resilience for children born as LRA captives

Meet Simon, one of GRG’s trained community peer counselors who lives 15 miles (25km) from the Uganda/South Sudan border in Madi Opei, Lamwo District. Simon was born while his mother was captive as a “wife” of an LRA soldier and escaped to return home with his mother’s best friend at the age of ten afterContinue reading “Meet Simon, a Peer Counselor: Building resilience for children born as LRA captives”

Peacebuilding and fundraising Internship/Volunteer at GRG in Gulu, Northern Uganda

The Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG) is looking for an intern/volunteer to join our team in northern Uganda. GRG runs innovative projects that seek to rebuild lives, and promote reconciliation among war affected communities including refugees. This involves a broad range of locally designed and culturally appropriate interventions, such as livelihoods, microfinance, trauma counselling, community theatre, and reconciliationContinue reading “Peacebuilding and fundraising Internship/Volunteer at GRG in Gulu, Northern Uganda”

Our Impact, Thanks to Your Help: Annual Report

We are very excited to announce our Annual Report for 2019. Read the full report here. The highlights are below. GRG had a busy year, directly reaching a total of 2,623 former child soldiers, refugees, and host community members: 1,573 women & 1,050 men. Our total annual budget for 2019: $46,840 Problems Child soldiers. 1 in 3 boys and 1Continue reading “Our Impact, Thanks to Your Help: Annual Report”

Thanks to you, 1,500 refugees will now receive livelihoods assistance

A huge thank you to all our supporters for your generous donations This past September, we launched our campaign to tackle food insecurity for refugees and their host community members in northern Uganda. Following COVID-19 lockdown measures and World Food Program (WFP) cuts to food rations, refugees in Palabek Refugee Settlement have been forced toContinue reading “Thanks to you, 1,500 refugees will now receive livelihoods assistance”

1 week left to donate and restore vital livelihoods for former child soldiers!

“GRG’s Livelihoods program has helped us through a tough year. 2020 will remain unforgettable in my life, as so many things have happened within a very short period of time. At the beginning of the year, we encountered looting of our animals, a locust invasion in the northern region that destroyed our crops, and laterContinue reading “1 week left to donate and restore vital livelihoods for former child soldiers!”

Read about how you can support single refugee mothers during COVID-19

“GRG’s program has supported many women survivors of war, like me, to provide for their families on their own. But recently it has been very tough and often I feel like running away. My husband was killed by rebels in South Sudan, so I traveled to Uganda alone with my children to seek safety fromContinue reading “Read about how you can support single refugee mothers during COVID-19”

Donate to support vulnerable refugee families

Since your donations helped us to reach our original target of $3,000, we are now increasing our target to $4,000! With this extra support, we can provide essential livelihoods assistance to vulnerable refugee families. Many children arrive at Palabek without parents or caregivers, often due to losing their families during the war or on theContinue reading “Donate to support vulnerable refugee families”

Sept 24: LRA film screening in Georgetown

Please join two GRG board members at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy on September 24, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m at The Mortara Center for International Studies (3600 N. Street N.W., Washington, DC 20007). for a one-time viewing of the documentary My Star in the Sky (Lakalatwe in the Acholi language), co-directed by GRG board member Mick Mulroy. RSVP HERE Featuring:Continue reading “Sept 24: LRA film screening in Georgetown”