Annual Reports

Read our most recent Annual Report below. We reached a total of 2,623 former child soldiers, refugees, and host community members: 1,573 women & 1,050 men. Here is a summary:


  • Child soldiers. 1 in 3 boys and 1 in 6 girls were abducted by rebels during the war in northern Uganda. 
  • War trauma. Northern Uganda had the highest rate of post-traumatic depression ever recorded in post-war populations in the world, according to a London medical study.

 Our impact

  • Creating entrepreneurs: 153 new small businesses. 57% of former child soldiers & refugees started or expanded small businesses through our entrepreneurship training. Participants increased their incomes by 48%, helping them feed their families.
  • Enabling over 500 children to attend school continuously for the first time. Participants used savings from our livelihood projects to pay school fees.
  • Healing trauma, reducing violence. 65% of our refugee participants reported experiencing fewer trauma-related issues, including violence, following our counseling and community theater projects.
  • Empowering women. Our land mediation projects enabled refugee women to understand their equal rights. As a result, 74% of women participants were able to access land for farming, up from 50% previously.


  • United Nations/BMW Intercultural Innovation Award: Won 2nd place out of 1,200 applicants from 128 countries.
  • U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Award to support an innovative livelihood project for women survivors of war.