Two exciting internships: Apply by Sept 30

We’re hiring for two separate internships, one in Gulu and one based remotely. Apply to either by September 30! Peacebuilding and fundraising internship with child soldier org, Northern Uganda The Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG), an innovative peacebuilding and development organization that works with former child soldiers and refugees, is seeking an intern to join ourContinue reading “Two exciting internships: Apply by Sept 30”

Exciting Job Opportunity at GRG-Gulu

GRG is pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to join a grassroots non-governmental organization that specializes in trauma recovery, sustainable livelihoods, reconciliation, and reintegration of former child soldiers, refugees from South Sudan, and war-affected communities in northern Uganda. We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified program officer with at least three years ofContinue reading “Exciting Job Opportunity at GRG-Gulu”

Joyce, a child soldier at 8: “I finally have a future to look forward to”

When she was eight, Joyce was kidnapped by the LRA rebels, raped, and forced to become a mother at 14. She finally escaped with her daughter but was then shunned by her community for returning with a “rebel” child and threatened to kill her. Traumatized, Joyce stayed awake most nights, both trying to deal withContinue reading “Joyce, a child soldier at 8: “I finally have a future to look forward to””