Where We Work

From 2007 to 2011 GRG worked with 17 groups of over 400 people across three districts of northern Uganda – Gulu, Amuru and Nwoya. In 2011 our Phase 1 groups graduated and our geographic focus shifted to some of the most intensely war-affected areas of northern Uganda along the South Sudan border. We currently work with 21 groups with over 800 participants in Gulu, Amuru and Lamwo districts. GRG prioritizes its support to areas where it is most needed, in communities most significantly impacted by the war, and where the least amount of support is received from both NGOs and the government.

AmuruAtiak and OlwalKal, Pawel, Gira Gira, and Pagoro
GuluKoroLamin Adera and Abole
LamwoPalabek OgiliParacele
Padwat – Central
Palabek KalLabigiriang
Ayuu Alali