Thanks to you, 1,500 refugees will now receive livelihoods assistance

A huge thank you to all our supporters for your generous donations

This past September, we launched our campaign to tackle food insecurity for refugees and their host community members in northern Uganda. Following COVID-19 lockdown measures and World Food Program (WFP) cuts to food rations, refugees in Palabek Refugee Settlement have been forced to survive on just 1 meal a day.

Now, thanks to our generous donors and supporters from around the world, together we have raised enough money to support 1,500 refugees and host community members to tackle food insecurity and improve their livelihood opportunities!

We surpassed our target, raising over $4,000 (USD) towards the provision of vitamin-rich seeds, goats, and vital livelihoods training. We will begin this month by distributing cow peas and okra seeds to refugees and their host community members in order to stimulate food production and diversify diets in time for the next harvest.

Your support has given GRG and our group members hope for the future and we shall now work hard to fight hunger for refugees here in the settlement by maximising land use and encouraging backyard farming.

From everyone here at GRG, we want to say a massive thank you to all our supporters and we look forward to providing updates on the impact of the donations!