Donate to support vulnerable refugee families

Since your donations helped us to reach our original target of $3,000, we are now increasing our target to $4,000! With this extra support, we can provide essential livelihoods assistance to vulnerable refugee families.

Many children arrive at Palabek without parents or caregivers, often due to losing their families during the war or on the journey to find safety in Uganda. Ojok is just 14, living alone with his two younger siblings.

“It has been very difficult to cope with life in the refugee settlement recently without guidance from an adult. I have to take the responsibility that both of my parents held. This is even harder with the limited food aid we are receiving. Usually, we depend on just one meal a day and it is finished before the end of the month. That leaves us with just one option, which is to beg from other people. This is demeaning and has not been sustainable at all. I am so thankful for GRG’s counselling and agricultural support, which has lifted my daily burdens so that I have the time and energy to succeed at other opportunities for survival, such as planting vegetables in the backyard to supplement the food aid. This has greatly supported my siblings and myself.”

Narrated by a refugee child who supports his family alone in Palabek Settlement, Lamwo District, northern Uganda.

[Names and photos have been changed for privacy reasons]