Read about how you can support single refugee mothers during COVID-19

“GRG’s program has supported many women survivors of war, like me, to provide for their families on their own. But recently it has been very tough and often I feel like running away.

My husband was killed by rebels in South Sudan, so I traveled to Uganda alone with my children to seek safety from the conflict. I was receiving support from GRG before COVID-19 and beginning to feel more independent, but then it became difficult to even feed my family. Lockdown measures meant that GRG could not travel to us, and the rations we receive every month are not enough. As a single mother, I have very limited access to land for cultivation, but the land is so little anyway that violent conflicts have been breaking out nearby. It is a very uncertain time.

Now that lockdown is lifting, I feel optimistic because GRG has reached us again. They have given counseling sessions to me and my children and brought okra and cow pea seeds to supplement the rations. I feel hopeful that, with GRG’s dedicated support, I will soon be able to provide for my family again.”

Narrated by a single refugee mother in Palabek Settlement, Lamwo District, northern Uganda.

[Names and photos have been changed for privacy reasons].