Oyet’s village transformation with GRG peer counsellor training.

During the LRA insurgency, Oyet’s village close to Madi Opei was attacked by rebels. Unlike many others, Oyet survived the attack and found refuge in a nearby (IDP) camp. When he returned to his village, his life became marked by trauma and economic hardship. Highly motivated to transform his community, Oyet joined the Yom CwinyContinue reading “Oyet’s village transformation with GRG peer counsellor training.”

Addressing the psychological impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities in Lamwo, Northern Uganda.

The past-conflict environment, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the influx of refugees fleeing conflict from South Sudan, have aggravated the mental health condition of many people in Northern Uganda. GRG addresses these problems by providing trauma-healing workshops, anti-stigma training, and counseling sessions.