Oyet’s village transformation with GRG peer counsellor training.

During the LRA insurgency, Oyet’s village close to Madi Opei was attacked by rebels. Unlike many others, Oyet survived the attack and found refuge in a nearby (IDP) camp. When he returned to his village, his life became marked by trauma and economic hardship.

Highly motivated to transform his community, Oyet joined the Yom Cwiny (meaning happiness) group, started by GRG, and became a trained peer counsellor in 2020. During GRG’s peer counsellor training, Oyet acquired basic counselling skills which allow him to tackle challenges that affect the community. As one of 20 peer counsellors in his village, Oyet addresses addiction-related issues like poor parenting, marital violence, and child abuse.

Oyet testifies that the psychosocial support introduced by GRG has had a transformative impact for his community. He has become an exemplary leader in his community and participated actively in it’s development. However, gender-based violence and substance abuse is still high in the affected area, and Oyet emphasises the need for continued support.

Please consider donating to help Oyet and people like him. We help rehabilitate over 400 people like her on $40,000 a year TOTAL, bringing them back from the brink in an area severely traumatized by war.  

We need your help to continue these projects, to provide trauma counseling and seeds & training to former child soldiers & refugees. Some of our grants have run out, and we may have to curtail projects this year. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal of raising $10,000, so we can keep these critical projects alive.

Thank you again for all of your support.

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