GRG is now using a post-harvest handling technique of solar dryer

With support from Skills Development Facility, Private Sector Foundation, GRG was able to secure funding for post-harvest handling technique using solar dryer for fruits and vegetables, such as sweet bananas, mangos, pineapples, okra and eggplants. Our beneficiaries in the remote villages in Ngomooromo, Lamwo District, which is the border of South Sudan, participated in a TOT (training of trainers) for the construction of solar dryer, facilitated by our lead trainer Dr. Grace Okiror from the faculty of biosystem engineering and food science, Gulu University.

With many of our beneficiaries having increased knowledge on better agricultural practices, TOT enables
beneficiaries to enhance the quality of their products for better market prices and a higher demand, which boosts the local economy. Also, with different community members including both men and women cooperating on this sustainable project, GRG’s program contributes to women empowerment.

“I have never known the reason why our locally dried vegetables were not so marketable. After the training in post-harvest handling using solar dryers for fruits and vegetables, I have started drying all my vegetables in the solar dryer and the quality is so high because it’s clean compared to my colleagues who still use the traditional drying methods” – Beneficiary in Lamwo District