World Refugee Day

The World Refugee Day is observed around the world on June 20th each year. This day marks the celebration of solidary with refugees across the world and is organized to raise public awareness about the global refugee situation. Uganda, one of the most well-known refugee hosting countries, celebrated the day with the theme of ‘Uganda stands with refugees’. With approximately 30.500 refugees residing in Palabek settlement camp, Lamwo District, it is not an easy task to provide all refugees with immediate protection, as well as safe communities with services that prevent and respond to violence and inform them of their rights. Therefore, multiple organizations are committed to achieving these goals, including GRG.

On Wednesday the 20th of June, 2018, GRG, together with other organizations, gathered to celebrate the world refugee day while acknowledging the valuable work that has been done for refugees in Northern Uganda. Even away from home and living in insecurity, the refugees shared their gratitude to their host community and the organizations involved by means of cultural performances.

GRG’s work with refugees in Lamwo District

Since Uganda spent decades in the grip of violent conflict before becoming host to the third largest influx of refugees in Africa, it is extremely important that attention is paid to the peaceful coexistence of refugees and their host communities. Therefore, GRG provides vital support to both South Sudanese refugees and Northern Ugandans who are rebuilding from decades of war while hosting a growing influx of refugees from South Sudan in Lamwo District.

GRG has been committed to promote peaceful coexistence by reintegrating survivors of war into their (host) communities and rebuild their lives. Since Northern Uganda still struggles to recover from the effects of war and hosts a growing population of refugees, GRG, aware of the gross effects of civil war including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), saw the need to intervene in Palabek refugee settlement camp to provide psycho-social support through peace dialogues and conflict mediation, anti-stigmatization, trauma recovery and family and individual counseling to foster trust and mutual understanding between the two groups.