Fundraising Campaign Taking-off! But you can still continue to support refugees

We are super excited. $3000 raised within the first week!

Thank you so much for your generous support! Help us share the campaign and reach our new goal of $4,000, before the end of September.

Donate here:

So far, your donations have provided:

39 bunches of vitamin-rich sweet potato vines to 195 refugees.

184 kg of okra seeds to 920 refugees.

11 goats to 55 refugees.

A livelihood package of; 12 goats + goat rearing training, 48 kg of tomatoes and pumpkin seeds to 60 refugees.

In total, you have supported 1,230 refugees! We cant wait to keep you in the loop with the impact of your donations and what we can achieve with our new target. Thank you so much!