GRG Receives U.S. Ambassador’s Award to Support Women Survivors of War

GRG is pleased to announce that we have received an award from the U.S. Embassy in Uganda to support an innovative livelihood project for women survivors of war in Lamwo District, northern Uganda. The support will come through the U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program.The project is aimed at strengthening the economic resilience and improving household income of women survivors of war in remote areas of northern Uganda. The target beneficiaries were chosen by GRG because they face limited access to land and have few sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The specific focus of the project is on beekeeping, since that has been one of the most successful livelihoods programs in northern Uganda to date. Some of the advantages of beekeeping are:

  • The environment in northern Uganda, especially the vegetation, ranks as one of the best for beekeeping.
  • Production of honey is less resource demanding yet very profitable.
  • It is environmentally friendly as it does not cause pollution.
  • Its less costly in terms of raw materials as they are locally available within the communities and both men and women can get engaged in the activities.
  • The market for honey is favorable both locally and internationally from local and urban farmers.

By providing hands-on skills training in beekeeping and equipment to produce high quality honey, with a focus on value addition and marketing, our beneficiaries will be able to compete favorably in local and regional markets for honey. Using a Training of Trainers (TOT) approach, beekeeping experts will also provide training and mentorship to local community members that do not participate directly, hereby further expanding the reach of the project. The project will directly and immediately impact conflict-affected and vulnerable women in Lamwo District by boosting their income and overall resilience.

GRG would like to thank the U.S. Embassy for this opportunity to help rebuild war affected communities in Northern Uganda.