Meet Ayaa, one of our inspiring participants and mother of 10

In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to introduce you to Ayaa, one of our inspiring GRG participants in northern Uganda. Ayaa is a single mother of 10 children, not by choice but because her husband and one of her sisters were abducted as child soldiers and killed by the LRA rebels. When we met her, she was very traumatized by the experience. On top of that, she had to take care of six of her late sister’s kids and four of her own.

But Ayaa has been incredibly resilient, thanks in large part to our empowerment projects. Meeting her today, you can tell right away how much more hopeful she is. She is going through our trauma counseling program and is now able to interact much more normally with people.

And amazingly, she now is able to send six of her kids to school, thanks to new income from our projects. Ayaa and her group of 35 women and men grow sunflower seeds and make honey (we provide seeds, hives, and training), and she now plans to start a small business of her own.

With your help, we have now worked with over 1,400 people like Ayaa to help them overcome the 20-year brutal war through organic farming projects, trauma counseling, savings and loan trainings, and more.

We are the ONLY nonprofit helping people in the impoverished, remote areas of northern Uganda where we work (Padibe West and Ngororomo).

We plan to start five new groups in 2018 to help roughly 200 more people, but we won’t be able to do that without your help. Please consider donating to help people like Ayaa today. Thank you a million! Best,


PS — The newly passed Tax Law means that it’s better for tax reasons to donate this year than next year.  And we have a matching donor this year who has agreed to TRIPLE any donations made!