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By Thomas Prince

February is a busy time in Uganda for parents and children.  The new academic school year kicks off, meaning children need to wash their uniforms and parents need to find money for school fees and school requirements.

This year for 6 GRG groups in Amuru and Gulu Districts it is more than just children going back to school: it is the parents as well!  These groups have started Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) classes.  GRG has partnered with these groups training 1-2 members from each group as Education Tutors.  The curriculum is in place to help illiterate members learn to read and write in Acholi and later move on to math & English.

Based on the feedback from our groups we have set our curriculum to meet the day to day needs of our groups.  Entrepreneurship and business skills are incorporated in the math lessons.  When they get to English the objective is to learn the necessary vocabulary so members can enroll in vocational training in carpentry, auto mechanics, tailoring and hair dressing.

Thanks to generous donors GRG has equipped each group with a blackboard and chalk, notebooks and pens, textbooks and storybooks in Acholi and the teacher’s books and attendance register.  We also had experienced teachers train them in lesson planning, and our GRG field staff will follow up in the field to help them overcome the challenges that come up as these 11 tutors teach over 200 excited students.

We have provided the first inputs and our groups will join in contributing, but we are still looking for more donors to join us in Adult Education.  We need to buy the math textbooks, print and bind our English handouts, and other support materials.

Tell your friends, tell your schoolmates and tell your teachers.  This is the time to help these groups take the next steps in post-conflict healing and recovery through education.  Visit to donate online or send us an email at admin@ to learn how you can join in.  A donation of $40 can provide all the students with new notebooks and pens when the first supply gets finished, or a donation of $75 can provide 3 math textbooks to each of our 6 groups.  Education is today more accessible than ever for the rural communities of northern Uganda affected by war.


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