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“Thinking of the Future” through raising animals (Tam Pi Anyim)

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By Federico Rodriguez

After a successful training in how to raise animals, members of the “Tam Pi Anyim” (Thinking of the Future) group in Palaro, were more than eager to get their hands dirty and start to raise their own animals.More than twenty-five members attended the Animal Husbandry Training organized by Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG) and conducted by a local trainer from another area in northern Uganda, Nwoya District. The training is part of GRG’s capacity-building initiatives aimed at rehabilitating former child soldiers and helping reconcile them with their communities through economic and educational growth in northern Uganda.

Members of Tam Pi Anyim learned the ins and outs of pig-raising and promised to build an animal shelter in time for the delivery of the animals.

Five piglets (four females and one male) were selected from a local seminary in Alokulum and delivered on October 28th. Within just a week the group was able to build an impressive pig shelter where the animals will be kept and raised according to the newly acquired knowledge in animal husbandry.


Not even the cloudy weather and the high-pitched squeals of the feisty little pigs put a damper on the group members’ joyful reception of the animals.

The group has already undergone training in advanced organic farming and micro-finance (bol li cup, as it’s known locally) and is making progress in growing bananas and pineapples.

Raising the pigs will be one of the challenges the group will face as the members think of their future and continue their path towards successful economic development, ahead of their graduation this coming December.


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