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GRG’s adult literacy program leads to a community school!

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By Lei Hung

During GRG’s last visit to Lubang Tek, chairman Okoya Bosco warmly welcomed our team. Bosco spent two years in the LRA captivity. When he returned he spent ten years in an internally displaced persons camp before finally returning to his village in 2008 with hope of contributing to its development. Because he worked as a secretary to the village chief in the camp, community members saw Bosco’s hardworking attitude and elected him as the chairman of the Lubang Tek group when GRG introduced their program in Olwal Parish, Lamogi sub-county.

Over the years, GRG has provided various types of support to help members recover from their terrible war experiences. Workshops on group livelihoods, counseling, entrepreneurship and adult literacy helped enhance people’s capacity in dealing with their daily life struggles. After attending the GRG adult literacy program, Bosco mobilized members in his community to make bricks so they can have a community school within their village. “Because of the LRA war I never had a chance to attend school. I want to create a peaceful environment for children to live and study so they don’t go through what I went through” Bosco said.

Through cost sharing, GRG provided the group members with school supplies like a chalk board, chalk and books. With this support, children started learning how to read and write the local language Acholi as well as English. “There is still a lot to be done in the community school,” explained Bosco, who is now teaching in the school. Teachers work on a voluntary basis, so they are only able to teach three days a week with very limited resources. When this challenge was reported to GRG, it helped link the community school to other NGOs that work in education. These NGOs have trained community teachers like Bosco to improve the quality of education in the village. Through Bosco’s initiative, on the day of their graduation other group members pledged to build an elementary school closer to the main road to reach more children.



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