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Great link to resources that bring light to re-integration of LRA and recovery from war

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As we catch our breath during the year end holidays it’s been a great chance to catch up on some reading and learn from what other organizations are doing.

We want to highlight this great short article and the links to longer reports from Conciliation Resources.  These articles on the impacts of the LRA war in Central African Republic and DRC really resonate with the on-going re-integration of former abducted child soldiers and other LRA combatantsin Uganda.  As a tool to dismantle the LRA it is so important that for those who lay down their weapons and return to their home communities are able to re-integrate and reconcile.  Economic recovery for the communities as a whole is also necessary to prevent future conflicts and to bring about a lasting peace.


Many thanks to Conciliation Resources and their staff for these great resources.  Please read them to learn more about how to make an impact at the grassrooots and help those who lived through or live with LRA violence are the agents for community transformation and recover.  Continue to follow the GRG blog through 2015 as we post more updates about our different projects and links to bring attention and understanding to ending the LRA and recovering from the legacies of war.

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