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Leadership is a peace mission — Tela maber kelo kuc, kuc miyo tela maber

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By Alany Joel

“Leadership is a peace mission, and peace is a leadership mission.” (Tela maber kelo kuc, kuc miyo tela maber in Luo)

This is the campaign GRG is kicking off with our 21 groups in 2015.  Despite the hardships they underwent during the years of LRA insurgency, today former returnees live together with neighbours who lost their children or who suffered in the camps during the war.  Such impediments to lasting peace and harmony at the grassroots highlight the need for intervention, and the success in our first 17 groups between 2007-2011 demonstrate the power of the GRG model.

Our current groups identified they need more leadership training and capacity building from GRG in order to keep peace in their communities.  It is not easy to be a leader, and some leaders our groups choose can turn out to be the biggest problem to hold back the groups from achieving their united goals.  Without strong leaders our groups will not overcome mistrust and their own divisions.

The GRG team is rolling out our leadership training basing on the principle of UBUNTU.  UBUNTU is an African philosophy that embraces a vision of unity, cooperation and inter-dependence.  “I am because you are, and since you are therefore I am.” (John Mbite)

During the Leadership training our GRG Team will emphasize

  • Wholeness (community)
  • Being responsible
  • Caring of self and other (being vulnerable, hospitality, generosity, humanity)
  • You have a CHOICE
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Boldness and Confidence
  • Letting go of ego (Other views are valid, although they differ from yours)
  • BE LOVE!!!!!

“GRG groups are moving towards graduation in December 2015.  We need the leaders and all the members to work together and have the heart for the group to prosper.  We want to achieve our group goals by graduation and stay together even in post GRG projects” Lamunu Irene from Anga Konya in Labigiriang village, Lamwo District told us during our Group Development Plan review in July 2014.

According to GRG’s mission and philosophy we assist our community groups to become empowered and self-sufficient.  Together with our groups we have set December 2015 as our joint target to “graduate” our current 21 groups.  After this date GRG will still follow-up with our groups to do monitoring and check-in on how the groups are doing, but we will no longer provide in-puts like seeds or animals.  Our groups will stand independent with the tools and trainings necessary to achieve their future aspirations and community targets.  With these 21 groups graduated GRG will mobilize new groups for another cycle of multi-year engagement through trainings and capacity building to ensure that the communities in northern Uganda still affected by the LRA war overcome the many traumas and under-development after 2 decades of war.

Join us to ensure effective community leadership, unity and opportunity create a lasting peace!


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