Jun 2014 30

Entrepreneurial minds in northern Uganda!

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By Onen Zacchaeus


Angom Mary is a small business owner who has had a shop for the past three years. In her shop she sells cooking oil and small fish, mostly to community members nearby. Until participating in GRG’s entrepreneurship training, she did not realize that she was losing money each month. Working with GRG she has learned the skill of record-keeping: keeping track of all the money that comes into her shop and what she spends; this way she is able to now avoid losses and balance her accounts.  The program has helped her to realize that you need to know your client base in order bring in the goods that they desire, and that you need to keep track of everything that goes in and out of the shop. By developing her entrepreneurship skills she has been able to sell her items and make a living from her shop. Since she started making a profit she is now able to support her children by paying school fees, medical bills and clothing. Proudly Mary says “I have a daily source of income and now I feel more secure in my financial situation!”





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