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Organic Fruit Farming for Peace

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By Denish Oturi and Kitty Paulus

Of the many projects that our groups work on, organic farming is one of the most popular. In those projects, people often wonder what the word ‘pomology’ means, which is one of the terms we use. Pomology is an agricultural term used to describe fruit cultivation whereby a farmer or group of farmers plant in high quantities. Fruits can include mangoes, bananas, pineapple, citrus, and many others.

Grassroots Reconciliation Group has supported 13 of our groups that are working on pomology training, delivering organic banana seedlings, pineapple seedlings, and citrus seedlings to be planted in the field.

GRG staff Denish Oturi training one of GRG's groups in the field


Practicing the right field lay-out and distances between plants









Community projects, such as this one on pomology, are effective ways to bring community members together. Focusing on communal efforts towards economic generation and improving peoples’ livelihoods helps to bring community members in contact with one another, to depend on one another for communal gain, and, eventually, to increase the amount of trust between members.

GRG was very fortunate to have David Ocan, Lecturer of the Agricultural Department of Gulu University, to co-develop the pomology program and trainings with GRG staff. Dressed as a farmer with boots and a hand hoe, David trained many groups and coached GRG staff to implement and monitor the projects. Besides the training, another ingredient for success is quality inputs. Therefore, GRG supplied the groups with the best available suckers and seedlings all the way from Kawanda Agricultural research centre, 400 kilometers from Gulu. Now it is up to the planting and rains! Rainy season has started a bit late this year but now the rain has arrived, it is pouring heavily, so farmers are happy in the field!



David Ocan demonstrating hole digging to group members of Ayuu Alali and Labigiriang.

… And then the group members practicing.

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