Mar 2014 12

The best & funniest questions during Livestock training

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By Odong Charles & Kitty Paulus

The winner for best question is……why do goats like washing soap?

Washing soap is made up of a variety of ingredients, including calcium oil and alcohol! So that is what attracts the goats to eat it. But beware; the soap is poisonous so you better keep your goats separate from your washing activities!

And the winner for funniest question is……can sheep mate amongst family members?

Talking about mating revokes some blushing and lots of laughter! So GRG posed the question back to the groups, how does it work between humans? And then they all know the answer themselves: it is dangerous to have brothers’ mating with sisters’, and even so with mothers’ or fathers’. It causes weak offspring, but it can easily be prevented by ensuring separate sleeping rooms!



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