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Solar Dryer

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By Vanessa Fortune & Kitty Paulus

Who loves dried mango? The real question should be, who doesn’t love dried mango?!

GRG groups across Gulu and Amuru district have started to embark on an exciting new endeavour; drying fruits and vegetables. This is highly entrepreneurial of the groups showing how dynamic and active they can be when an opportunity arises. Especially when you consider that some of these groups haven’t even been lucky enough to taste the deliciousness of dried fruit before.  Not many business people can claim to be that bold and progressive!

A few more days and then… delicious dried mangoes

Using new and environmentally friendly solar fruit and vegetable dryer machinery, the groups are going to bring an entirely new product to their local markets. As important is that through this new endeavour, waste of excess products during the harvest season are minimized as stock can be dried, saved and consumed or sold at a later date. By not being dependent on the harvest season, the groups bargaining position can also be strengthened!

Construction of the solar dryer, a few frowns but successful in the end!

After the construction and training, groups have shown excitement about the future potential of the solar dryer. More practice is needed on the up-keep and maintenance of the solar dryer, but that can only come with time! One of the early successes is that one group already came to GRG’s office to investigate expanding the solar dryer capacity. So don’t be surprised if you are hopping on a bus from Kampala to Juba and during a break you could not resist buying some dried fruits. Do not worry, giving into these temptations are good, all natural products guaranteed!

Group members are cleaning the solar dryer trays.

Thanks to a grant received from the German Embassy in Uganda ( GRG could implement this innovative project, many thanks on behalf of the groups!!

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