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How to Communicate with your Crops

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By Ocira Junior & Kitty Paulus

Communication is the only way through which people understand what other people like or dislike.

Now think about crops on a large farm. In case one row of crops is stepped on, the neighboring row is damaged too.  Maybe because they were worrying about their fellows, which were stepped on? Could this be an indication that crops communicate amongst each other too? And if crops communicate, then how should farmers communicate with their crops?!

Sounds strange? Read on!

Trainer Solomon Olum talks to group members and their gardens during the training!

The members of Warib Cing, one of GRG’s groups were trained in a session on ‘talking to your crops’, which was marred with laughter, surprise and discovery of new interesting facts. As the session progressed, the members got fascinated and wanted to know more about how this ‘talking magic’ works. The training was done by GRG’s agricultural trainer, Olum Solomon.

You communicate with your crops by making regular visits to your garden by yourself! Not by asking others, “hey! Have you passed by my garden today? Are my crops doing well?” Direct communication is more powerful than through someone else, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s been common practice amongst farmers to visit their gardens only when they are planting, weeding and harvesting, but then how would they get to know how their plants are growing, what is disturbing them most: is it the extreme heat, heavy rainfall or pest? When farmers visit their gardens regularly they will get all this information and therefore, isn’t that a form of communication? This is the simple secret behind successful farmers “communicating to your crops by spending most of your time with them”.

Training in progress!

GRG advises their groups to visit their gardens often and to communicate with their crops through positive encouragement, and to avoid saying negative things. For example regarding yields, “with this pest attacks, will we be able to harvest these crops?” Very likely, you will start to believe what you are saying (and maybe the crops can hear you as well) and you get into negative thinking, which will influence your behavior and actions.

Even when things are looking bad, encourage your crops and thereby yourself, giving everyone the vigor to carry on and get a prosperous harvest!

Group members ask questions about how this ‘talking magic’ works. Do crops also understand jokes -;)?




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