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Our Groups Plan for the Future

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By Vanessa Fortune & Kitty Paulus
These past few weeks have been very busy and exciting, as usual! This time because the groups have been rating past work and planning out what activities they want to participate in in the coming year. Last year, we worked with each group to help them plan ahead – something they
never used to do during the war, because conflict always got in the way. So this new process,  the group development plan, is a method used for each group to identify the most important problems in their group and actions to address them!

The review thus far has been a very insightful process, as members discuss what they liked over the past year, didn’t like and the all-important why. Sometimes the problems that affected activities success were just out of anybody’s control especially when it comes to crops. For instance, there’s not a whole lot that can be done to make it rain or in fact to stop it from pouring down…
Sharing the positives and negatives together
We, as GRG, have learned a great deal, too. Our trauma support projects are being rated by the groups consistently highly, as are training to address stigma attached to being former child
soldiers/ex-combatants and community theater. All processes are directly chosen by groups to deal with problems of broken and fractured social relations, personal grievances and pains. The fact they are chosen shows that groups are actively trying to repair the social fabric of their personal and interpersonal relationships, and the fact that groups are rating them highly shows that these psychosocial activities have had a positive impact and help groups and individuals to overcome some of their problems.

A group review in progress, thinking, adding, changing, discussing and making it tangible to all members!

Even more uplifting is that one of the most often quoted positive experiences from joining a GRG group by group members, was declared as ‘unity and friendship’. Reconciliation is a slow process but with reviews like these GRG is feeling very positive for the groups.

All we have to do now is sort out that inconvenient weather pattern…..



And at the end, let’s shake hands to all commit to our updated group development plans!

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