Jun 2013 04

Progress tastes sweet for one of GRG’s groups

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By Vanessa Fortune

Did you know that sugar cane is actually a type of perennial tropical grass? When harvested it can be used to not only make sugar but its fibrous residue can become a source of fuel or condensed to make fibreboard. It also makes a great juicy refreshing snack if you can work your way through the tough outer layers!

In northern Uganda the rainy season is in full swing, and with it the horticultural season. And one of GRG group’s is looking forward to growing sugar cane this year. As this is a new venture for the group a local expert experienced in growing sugar cane, who knows the local climate, soil and crop conducted a workshop with the whole group before planting took place.

But by now the groups should be hard at work in their fields now and GRG look forward to seeing how the groups apply their new skills and we hope they reap sweet success from their latest endeavor.

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