Jun 2013 17

Bringing back the banana

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By Vanessa Fortune

The loss of traditional community knowledge is a concern for some of GRG groups, who having returned to their ancestral homeland and though aware of previous horticultural practices are in some confusion about how to proceed themselves with same traditional crops. That is why the group Anga Konya requested a crop typically produced in their region, but one that they had never grown before, bananas.




Bananas are a common crop in northern Uganda, and interestingly enough Ugandans are big fans of bananas. A study conducted in 2007 showed that annual consumption of bananas in Uganda was the highest in the world at about 0.7kg per person per day!


Eager to renew their knowledge base and skills in producing the traditional banana crop, the group have already prepared their communal plot, and having just received their banana suckers, are excited to be able to reclaim as a unit one of their own time-honoured livelihoods.


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