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GRG and the private sector: forging new linkages for successful economic reintegration

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By Christopher Maclay

This September, GRG supported the establishment of an exciting new relationship between one of our groups and the agro-input retailer, EuroAfric. Warib Cing, a group of 35 ex-combatants and other community members in Lamin Adera, Gulu District, will work with EuroAfric to produce sunflower on a commercial scale. This relationship is a first pilot of such a relationship between one of GRG’s groups and a private sector company directly.

Dennis, an agricultural extension worker from EuroAfric, speaks with members of Warib Cing to collaboratively develop a Memorandum of Understanding.

This relationship has the potential to be of huge benefit to the Warib Cing group, who, like many other GRG groups, are faced with the following problems in their agricultural activities.

  • No access to high quality, high yield agricultural inputs.
  • No access to market. Produce is sold at a low rate, or even rots unsold.
  • A lack of capital to invest in large scale production.

As part of the relationship, EuroAfric will provide high quality, high yield seeds and fertilizer to groups free of charge. They have already provided training, and will provide follow-up support to the group, to guide them on best practice production. EuroAfric will then commit to buy the produce, and pay for transport, as they will then process the sunflower seeds into oil. Benson, one of the members, explained that this was only the start; while the group will cover two acres this season, but, ‘We can do bigger next season’, he said.

Dennis from EuroAfric handing over seeds to a representative of Warib Cing.


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