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Meet Onyac

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by Violet Akello Akera

“When I returned home I had a lot of trauma – whenever I would see people gathered together (as we are doing now in the GRG group), I would think that they are rebels and sometimes I would even run away.” Onyac was abducted in 2002, and forced to stay with the LRA for six months. While ‘in the bush’, Onyac saw many deaths, and many ambushes. His own life was constantly under threat; once he was even sentenced to death after disobeying an order before his captors reduced his punishment to 170 strokes with the cane. After Onyac escaped, he returned home heavily wounded; more than 300 thorns were removed from his foot. “Now that I am in a group,” Onyac explained, “my life has changed.” While he once feared such gatherings, Onyac spent the day working with his new group to produce a ‘Group Development Plan’, and explained that his enjoyment helped him to forget the problems of the war.


Onyac (third left) with his group 'Kica Ber' putting together a Group Development Plan

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