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Photo Story! Supporting groups to plan out their own reconciliation

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by Christopher Maclay

In July and August, GRG is supporting all its current groups to produce Group Development Plans (Yup Me Dongo Dul in Acholi!). This is an exciting activity which empowers our groups to be the leaders of their own reconciliation. The process is fun, participatory, and encourages groups to explore the problems faced in their communities today, and how they (with GRG’s help) can achieve lasting solutions. GRG is committed to its bottom-up approach to reconciliation, and this is just one way that we do this. This photo story outlines the major steps in this process:

Step 1: Energize! It is important that everyone participates in this exercise, so we make sure that all group members are limbered up and enjoying themselves!


Group members of Anga Konya, Lamwo District, getting warmed up with an energizer.

Step 2: Self-review. Groups are planning for the next 2 years, which makes reviewing the last 9 months very important. What is going well? What can we do better?


‘Can Deg Wo’ in Gulu District, discussing group progress.

Group members of ‘Can Deg Wo’ literally racing to add another problem to his group’s list!

Step 3: Problem racing! The groups split up into teams, to see who can identify the most problems currently faced within the community.

Members of 'Wadi Cwinywa' in Lamwo District identifying problems they face.











Step 4: Problem ranking. Which of these problems are the most serious in this community? Which do the group most urgently need to respond to?


Members of 'Warib Cing' in Gulu District ranking the most important problems faced in their community.

Step 5: Brainstorming the solutions. Groups split up into teams to brainstorm how to respond to these problems. What can the groups do themselves, and in what areas can GRG help?


Group members of 'Konya Dong' in Lamwo district examine what solutions could respond to their problems.


Members of ‘Can Rwede Pe’ in Amuru District look back on their completed Group Development Plan.

Step 6: Creating a Group Development Plan! Groups put together a timeline with specific activities and projects which will help them to respond to the problems they face.

Group members in Lamin Adera, Gulu District, debate what should go on their Group Development Plan











The Goal: Reconciliation and Reintegration. The group development plans involve a range of activities, which will help groups and their communities to overcome the impacts of war. Each group has a different plan, which outlines their specific needs, and specific solutions, designed by the groups themselves. These activities include agricultural transfers and training, trauma counselling, community theatre to promote reconciliation, training to resolve land conflicts, and many others. We look forward to working with groups to fulfil these goals!


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