Aug 2012 15

GRG produces its first agriculture report!

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As part of the Ambassador’s Self-Help Grant from the US Embassy in Kampala, GRG provided agricultural inputs and training for all of its groups in early 2012. Each group selected different inputs, with some opting for vegetable seeds, others for crops like corn, cassava, and beans.

In June, GRG went back to provide follow-up training and support, while the crops were in the field. Olum Solomon from Gulu University did a great job facilitating the follow-up, visiting every inch of every plot used by the groups. Using practical demonstration, he advised on crop spacing, irrigation, pest control, and post-harvest handling.

Solomon also produced GRG’s first ever agricultural report, not only examining groups’ progress, but outlining opportunities for improved crop production in the future, high value agricultural activities, and opportunities to link to profitable markets. GRG will use this to provide groups with the best possible agricultural support in the future. Thanks to the US Embassy for making this possible!

Above: Solomon explaining pest management processes to members of 'Can Rwede Pe' in Olwal. Members from Can Rwede Pe are cultivating more than 4 acres of maize together!



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