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Kony 2012: Washington Post highlights GRG´s work as a way to help

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As the Kony 2012 viral campaign continues to expand, you can do more then push “like” or share the link on your friend’s Facebook wall.  You have the opportunity to connect the dots just like the little boy did in the video.

Last week the Washington Post highlighted GRG´s work in addressing the continued needs in northern Uganda because of Kony’s LRA – anywhere from leftover bullet holes in the school buildings to child soldiers in need of livelihood and counseling help.

GRG is continually working within the communities to problem-solve and create sustainable solutions to these issues.  ‘

You have watched the video.  Now take it a step further  and support concrete projects that support LRA-affected communities. Check out our review in the Washington Post!

Uganda: How you can help

Whether or not you support the very viral Kony 2012 campaign created by the charity Invisible Children, Joseph Kony and the child-recruiting Lord’s Resistance Army he leads are undeniably brutal. Uganda, where the LRA has long operated, has been ravaged by conflict for decades.  Click here to read continue reading the article.

Villagers sit in the back of a Ugandan army truck as they are moved to a safe area from the site of a massacre carried out by the Lords Resistance Army in 2004. (KAREL PRINSLOO – AP)


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  1. Fernanda says:

    This has been happaning for 20 m to 25 years and noihntg is bieing done and it is more loikely that the not that the goverment knew about this so why didnt they do any thing. to me this guy kony sounds like a power hungry colt as mpst are.this guy has done so many thing an dthe goverment best excuse is they dont know who he is i think when they catch him there should be know trial and he should die by lethal injection or my favorite hanging.Also he believes he is biening told by angels to me just some one trying to get laid and have power like all the other-

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