Dec 2011 05

Farming for a Brighter Future – New Video

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Eleven brothers and sisters is the number of siblings Evelyn lost to the Lord’s Resistance Army.  She herself was abducted and held as a child soldier for five, grim years.  But, since Evelyn’s involvement with GRG, she has been able to build a brighter, sustainable future.

GRG has restored farms all over Northern Uganda to create new opportunities for former child soldiers, like Evelyn.  The benefits of crop production are tangible and short-term, but also abstract and long-term.  Part of the produce is used to feed families, the other to buy goods, like household items.  School fees are also paid with the money made.  Giving children an education is an investment in the best future of the community.  Lastly, laboring together has healed emotional wounds between returnees and victims, as they work toward a common goal.

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