Sep 2011 01

Piglets abound in Anaka!

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Did you read about Anaka’s graduation yesterday? We forgot to mention they are also celebrating the recent arrival of eight baby piglets!  The GRG piggery project started in May, and they have 8 piglets plus another two pigs pregnant. Impressive results, we think so. Other villages are anxiously awaiting to participate in the GRG Piggery project, maybe you could donate today?  You’d be helping piglets AND former child soldiers with that donation.


Charles, a group member in Anaka, commented on the development saying, “GRG has provided us with a strong foundation… even though we are graduating, we have the pigs, bananas, and pineapples to remind us of all of the work we have done and the relationships we have built.


And in Teetugu, GRG group members have received training on how to grow their own fruit trees and seedlings; already their plants are flourishing. Patrick, a GRG member from Olwal who has excelled in fruit tree farming, provided guidance to LRA returnees and former IDPs on the best types of trees to plant and the market prices available. Group members will now have added income from selling the seedlings as well as the fruits.



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