Aug 2011 01

Walter Would Like a Chance to Find Peace In Himself

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Walter, now an orphan, was abducted by the rebel group LRA and ordered to kill his neighbors while looting villages during his 4 years of forced servitude with the LRA.  He secretly escaped one night and emerged to find the general population of Uganda to be terrified and therefore unwelcoming to former child soldiers.  He traveled afraid and alone for an immeasurable amount of time and distance looking for his family.  He was eventually lucky enough to stumble upon a couple plowing their garden that would at least speak to him, they agreed to welcome him into their home and family.

Today, Walter struggles with the memories of his captivity and subsequent symptoms of PTSD, his step-mother often refers to his outbursts as his ‘insanity.’  Walter hopes to learn a trade and find emotional peace within himself while participating in one of the new GRG projects to be located in Atiak, northern Uganda.

Donate to give Walter the opportunity to work positively with other members of the community and begin repairing the relationships he has lost because of his ‘insanity.’

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