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Vicky and Other Female Former Child Soldiers

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While the typical face of a child soldier is male, many girls and women were abducted during the decades warfare fought by the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Forced to commit atrocious acts, many were also forced to serve as rebel’s “wives” and sex slaves.

As they return home from the LRA, many of them are coming back with trauma similar to men, accompanied by their children of the men who raped them.  Vicky*, a 25 year old returnee in Appiyeta, was held by the rebels for two years and five months.  She returned with a one-year child who is now ostracized and stigmatized by the village.


But Vicky wants to improve and is taking steps to do so today by reaching out to others.  If GRG is able to expand to Vicky’s village and start trauma counseling and micro-finance projects, we could help her – and her children – help themselves through projects and move on from the trauma of their abduction and form better relationships within their community.


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