Aug 2011 24

Fruits for life: Arop’s bid for training

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Alongside community inputs, GRG places a large focus on tailored capacity development for our groups. Here Arop Okee, a future member in Apyata, a remote area that borders Southern Sudan that GRG is looking to expand to, has begun his own fruit seedling nursery.

With GRG’s assistance, Arop will be trained in practical farming skills to take his fledgling business to the next level. He’ll then pass on his knowledge by training the rest of the group, and even possibly other groups from the neighboring villages. This model of knowledge diffusion allows GRG to achieve maximum impact with a relatively little input. We conducted several such trainings in 2010 and this year, beginning in Olwal, and we may actually use Olwal’s now-expert tree planters to train groups in the new communities.

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