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Our new organic farming training for war-affected communities

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Last week, GRG joined with the National Organic Growers Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU) to provide war-affected communities in Northern Uganda with organic farming, banana and pineapple growing skills. NOGAMU’s Jane Nalunga joined with GRG staff for the two-day training in Olwal, which covered both practical and technical details of organic agriculture and its benefits to farmers. Thirty GRG group members from seven sub-counties participated and will take lessons learned back to their home communities.

GRG groups across Northern Uganda are preparing to plant pineapples and bananas, as part of a new initiative, and gained essential skills to cultivate these crops. As bananas and pineapples bear fruit throughout the year and do not need to be replanted annually, they will provide formerly abducted youth and war-affected community members with a dependable, low-maintenance income source.

During Northern Uganda’s more than 20 year war with the Lord’s Resistance Army, local farmers could not grow pineapples or bananas because of poor transportation networks and access to crops, limited access to land, and the threat of LRA attacks. Despite the relative peace in the region today and the demand for bananas and pineapples in the local diet, these crops are still undersupplied in the North.

GRG staff have now delivered 5800 banana and pineapple plants (suckers) to community members for cultivation. With the plants and new skills from the joint GRG-NOGAMU training, war-affected communities will have new means to improve their economic recovery and provide for their families. Check out the photos in the gallery below of the training and group members receiving bananas and pineapples!


  1. Kipwola Anne says:

    Well done GRG, we sure need such plantains in the region, I mean bananas and pineaples. Where did you get suckers from?

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