Jul 2011 19

GRG campaign launches today – Soldier No More: Now What?

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GRG is launching a new campaign today, “Soldier No More: Now What?” to raise awareness and support for reaching out to the neediest areas with former child soldiers in northern Uganda.  One in three boys and one in six girls in northern Uganda were forced to become child soldiers during the war over the past 25 years  – 66,000 in total.

The Grassroots Reconciliation Group began working in the region 5 years ago, after witnessing a plague of emotionally and physically distressed

child soldiers return to their communities in northern Uganda. Having successfully enabled program participants to heal while giving them the
opportunity to become the leaders of their own lives, GRG is proudly graduating their first group of self-sustaining, reconciled people.

A whole new group of former child soldiers now need your help to start small businesses, micro-finance projects, and agricultural projects while training to become trauma counselors and working to heal communities.

Participants design the projects themselves; uniquely facilitating group reconciliation, remedying the traumas of war and enabling themselves to
earn a living and support their families, making it a true grassroots initiative.

Will you help us turn the former child soldiers in Uganda into peaceful, capable community leaders?

Soldier No More. Now what?


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