Jul 2011 29

End of a Dry Spell: GRG Groups Improve Irrigation in the Fields

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From the field:

Farming remains the most common form of generating income in Northern Uganda. Fields are being reopened and crops planted on land that for decades harbored the LRA. Maize, beans and potatoes are being planted in places that haven’t seen any cultivation for over 20 years.

In conjunction with our groups, GRG is always looking at ways of increasing farmer’s productivity and output. Over 80% of farming in Northern Uganda is rain-fed – meaning farmers are reliant on good and stable rains to get good yields. This year – like the last few – have not seen such patterns. Instead rains are unreliable and unpredictable. As a result farmers often lose the little they plant.

In an attempt to solve this problem, GRG provided one of our groups in the town of Olwal with a manual irrigation water pump and an instructive training session.

The pump will allow GRG’s group members to plant all year round and not worry about the rains. With 8 groups in the local community, it is the first group’s responsibility to get a bumper harvest so they can afford to buy the next group a water pump. In this way in just over a year all 8 groups will have their very own pump and as a result, lovely watered crops all year round!



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