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Aug 11 Indie Rock Benefit Concert for GRG: Small Black, Outputmessage, and Cigarette

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On Thursday night, August 11, Monument Music and Arts Festival will be bringing Small Black, Outputmessage, and Cigarette to DC9 for a one night unmissable show to benefit projects for former child soldiers in northern Uganda –


Small Black, an indie rock band from Brooklyn, has been lighting up concert halls and music blogs with its wholly unique sound since the summer of ’09. The band has received love everywhere, from Pitchfork – who gave them the coveted Best New Music tag – to John Norris. Yes, that John Norris. Listen to their “wistful, highly textured, electronic-based” music for yourself at​llblacksounds/


But wait, there’s oh so much more. The evening’s line-up will also include Outputmessage, the one man singing and dancing machine that is Bernard Farley. The DC-based vocalist, producer, DJ, record label owner, and self-proclaimed math nerd wraps electro, pop, and dance into one insanely catchy package. The guy is going to tear it up. Just feast your ears upon “NYR (Reverse)” here:

The night’s first set comes courtesy of up-and-coming youngsters Cigarette, from Arlington, VA. Peep their “flower punk” on bandcamp and hear why people like City Paper are talking.

Monument Fest  ‘aims to serve as a platform for action’ empowering musicians and fans alike to positively impact social change through charitable donations and activism.  Phil Runco, Brandon Minow, and Josh Phelps choose three Indie ‘buzz’ bands a month to play the fest giving them the option to choose a charities of choice to receive donations from the proceeds.

GRG is so excited to have been chosen to partner with Monument as the charity of the month to receive all proceeds from ticket sales to this event.  Available now for $13 on the DC9 website: and more details about Monument Fest Can be found on the Monument Music and Arts Festival Website, Facebook Page, or this months event invite on facebook

The concert is part of the “Soldier No More: Now What?” campaign of the Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG). GRG helps reconcile and heal former child soldiers and their communities in northern Uganda. On a small staff, we have helped send over 700 children to school and start 300 small businesses. Learn more at

GRG would like to thank Small Black, Outputmessage, Cigarette and Monument Fest in advance for their philanthropy and donations from the August event.

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