May 2011 31

GRG groups enter competition for brickmaking

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The dry season lasts for 3 months in Northern Uganda. With no rains, agriculture becomes difficult. For four years now, GRG groups have used this time period to mold bricks. The start-up capital for making the bricks is provided by both GRG and the community, then the group collectively meets and begins the process of making the bricks. This year, 13 of our 17 groups are making bricks. To add an extra incentive to make as many as possible, GRG has created a small competition.

The group which makes the most profit from selling its bricks will win a prize from GRG. The competition will not only see the groups of former child soldiers and war-affected communities working together in making the bricks, but also putting into practice their business and marketing skills. It will be the group who makes the most money – not the most bricks – that will win. In previous years groups have made as much as 2 million Ugandan Shillings ($900) from selling bricks, a significant sum in Gulu. This money will then be used to allow group members to pay school fees and set up their own businesses.

Motivated by the prospect of winning a prize, here the members of Dong Paco B (Olwal) work together to reach their target of making 20,000 bricks. The groups have until June to make and sell their bricks, and then the winner will be announced and prizes awarded. We’ll make sure to update you with the winner!

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