May 2011 16

GRG goats give birth

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This week, Can Deg Kun, received great news – the first of their donated goats gave birth. GRG’s group in Acet, Can Deg Kun, (pronounced Chan Deg Koon) has over 20 members, many of which were abducted and forcibly conscripted into the LRA. In the 20 years of fighting that ensued, much of the area’s cows, goats, and other livestock were stolen or destroyed.

The contribution of ten goats from GRG to Can Deg Kun will allow the members to slowly rebuild their lives. Donated in October 2010, the first of the goats has now given birth to a healthy billy goat. With the other 7 pregnant, the group will soon double the number of goats.

Bruno Okot, the group’s secretary smiles in regard to the group’s new addition, saying, “Seeing such animals give birth gives us hope for the future”. Within two years, the group estimates they’ll have over 50 goats. With each one selling for 45,000 shillings ($20 US) the group stands to make a healthy profit from a small investment.

For the past two decades, farmers in Northern Uganda were unable to effectively herd animals for fear of them being stolen during the conflict. Now, more than ever, with the end of hostilities in Uganda, farmers in Acet can again plan a future for themselves, their families, and their community.

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